The true essence of all street dances

Yvon Soglo (a.k.a. B-boy Crazy Smooth) is known as one of Canada’s top street dancers. His professional experience includes instructing Cirque du Soleil acrobats and performing at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival in France. As the founder and artistic director of Bboyizm, Crazy Smooth is dedicated to promoting and preserving the true essence of all street dances. The dance company’s motto is “Dance to express! Not to impress.” (the idea being that if one is truly expressing oneself, their dance will most definitely be impressive). This philosophy informs all its dance classes (including B-boying and B-girling), workshops, events, street dance history lessons and performances.

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“Dance to express! Not to impress.”
- Yvon Soglo (B-boy Crazy Smooth)


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