Tour-de-force performance of nearly twenty characters

Rob Faust, the company’s artistic director, is the creator of five solo and duo touring shows that incorporate masks, humour, movement, and in some cases, dance, poetry and music. Faustwork has also collaborated with several symphonies over the past ten years, including the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Rob designs and creates all the masks used in Faustwork performances. His masks—made from wood, leather, Celastic, or neoprene—are primarily used on stage, but can occasionally be seen in galleries. Various individuals and companies have also commissioned his masks, including Pilobolus, Momix, A.C.T. in San Francisco, and Harvard University.

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“My children came home yesterday from school bouncing with excitement! How wonderful, as a parent, to see this in their eyes and hear the excitement in their voices.”
- Parent, Toronto




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