CreaSon: When already existing instruments are not enough CréaSon is the brain child of Sylvain Grenier, a musician with boundless imagination for whom the vast choice of already existing instruments was not enough. Out of hockey sticks, tin cans, pans and golf equipment, he made funky “xylo-hockeys, “cans o’fun”, “pans o’fun” and [...]

Physical Illusions

Performance by Tottering Biped Theatre In Physical Illusions, students will see a series of short stories performed through the traditional French storytelling technique of mime, with Trevor Copp’s own take on physical theatre. A snorkelling adventure, a search for a special something gone missing, a dreamer who is fascinated with the stars in the sky,…

Tottering Biped Theatre

THE GRACE AND HUMOUR OF PHYSICAL STORYTELLING Trevor Copp founded Tottering Biped Theatre (TBT) in 2008. His professional company emphasizes highly physical and social issue oriented work. He completed Theatre Studies at Waterloo, a MA at Guelph, and mime studies at the Marcel Marceau School in Paris. He has been recognized with [...]

Oh No! WORKSHOP (Oh non!)

Workshop by AKA Dance AKA Dance offers a workshop that gets everyone moving and creating! Using some basic ballroom dance steps and guided improvisation, students will explore their own physical creativity by choreographing their own unique dances.

Imagination on the Loose! (L’imagination en cavale!)

Performance by Nathalie Vachon Follow Nathalie as she spins original tales that will engage, inspire and tickle the funny bone. In the realm of a story anything is possible! Mirabelle’s dress holds magical powers, there’s a giraffe in the car, a blanket of darkness has covered the sky, Edgar has forgotten his shoes and Madeleine…

Oh No! (Oh non!)

Performance by AKA Dance This performance is AKA Dance’s quirky interpretation of the art of ballroom dancing. The funny and surprising choreography features four dancers and a master of ceremonies. Expect romance, virtuosity and gallantry, but AKA’s ballroom dancing is not all about elegance. It blends power struggles, one-upmanship and mishap, with hilarious results. Click…