CreaSon: When already existing instruments are not enough CréaSon is the brain child of Sylvain Grenier, a musician with boundless imagination for whom the vast choice of already existing instruments was not enough. Out of hockey sticks, tin cans, pans and golf equipment, he made funky “xylo-hockeys, “cans o’fun”, “pans o’fun” and [...]

Beyond the Stories SHOW/WORKSHOPS

Performance and Workshop by Rukhsana Khan Following the performance of your choice for a maximum audience of 100 students, Rukhsana Khan offers a workshop delving into the themes of the show. With Picture the Story, students learn to picture the beginning, middle and end of a story. A New Life helps them to develop empathy through imagination.…

Harriet is My Hero & The Spirit of Harriet Tubman

Performance by Leslie McCurdy This combination of two shows, the first for K-2 and the second for Grades 3 to 12, allows your school’s students to be introduced to the amazing life of Harriet Tubman in an age-relevant manner. In Harriet is my Hero (for a maximum audience of 80), Leslie McCurdy explores what makes…

Leslie McCurdy

About great social changes and cool heroines Named Outstanding Performing Artist of Windsor, Ontario, Leslie McCurdy has been touring with her historic plays for over fifteen years across Canada and the U.S. Her brilliant solo performances are at once educational and inspirational, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience them. Click [...]

Afro-Caribbean Dance WORKSHOP

Workshop by Ballet Creole A dance teacher (accompanied by a drummer) will combine the structured Contemporary technique of Katherine Dunham with the physicality of traditional movements derived from Africa and the African Diaspora. This is an exhilarating class, challenging and mastering the body’s ability to move to the central control of the CORE. The students…

Ballet Creole

Ballet Creole The flying colours of the African Diaspora! Ballet Creole was founded in 1990 by Trinidadian-born dancer, choreographer, drummer and educator, Patrick Parson (who has a Master’s degree in Dance Ethnology). The company, which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in the 2014-2015 season, endeavors to create a dance legacy in Canada through [...]