Story Telling

The Mouse, the Ant and the Antelopes

Performance by Emerita Emerencia Chabelita (a cute hand-puppet) is still shivering from a scary encounter with a mouse. Her auntie (emerita) tells her own version of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to calm her. She continues with the story ofThe Ant and the Butterfly, followed by a tale of african antelopes. This performance with…

Character Building SHOW/WORKSHOPS

Performance and Workshop by Emerita Emerencia Following her performance of The Mouse for up to 100 students, Emerita offers a workshop to the whole group. With the use of drama techniques, movement, music and improvisation, students learn to become aware of respect.

Beyond the Stories SHOW/WORKSHOPS

Performance and Workshop by Rukhsana Khan Following the performance of your choice for a maximum audience of 100 students, Rukhsana Khan offers a workshop delving into the themes of the show. With Picture the Story, students learn to picture the beginning, middle and end of a story. A New Life helps them to develop empathy through imagination.…

All Star Slam

Performance by Brendan McLeod The show is hosted by Brendan McLeod and features the former world poetry SLAM champion Ian Keteku, two-time Canadian SLAM champ Andre Prefontaine, and YouTube phenom Sabrina Benaim. In this performance, the professional poets compete for top honours in front of student judges. The event is replete with boisterous cheers, disapproving…

Wanting Mor

Performance by Rukhsana Khan Featuring Rukhsana’s book Wanting Mor, this presentation deals with character issues of loss, abandonment, addiction and blended families while offering students insights into the creative process.

Picture the Story

Performance by Rukhsana Khan South Asian culture is actively explored with Rukhsana’s delightful picture books: Silly Chicken, Ruler of the Courtyard and her very popular Big Red Lollipop. Students will learn about story ideas and how a story develops.