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To search the Prologue’s programming that best meet your needs, use the options on the right to filter your search by discipline, grade level, language, curriculum theme, performance type and availability. You can also look up key words in the search bar, or explore the performances listed below. See our 2016-2017 School Catalogue.

Featured Performances


Flames Across The Border

Performance by Mike Ford

The 1812-1814 conflict comes alive in music and words with Mike’s original songs about epic events (the invasion of Little York, Great Lake ship battles), famous characters (Tecumseh, FitzGibbon), and unsung participants (settlers, couriers). Provoking boisterous audience interaction, sampling period marches and ballads, challenging myths, Flames Across the Border is a song-cycle show especially created for the War of 1812 Bicentennial.


Romeo and Juliet

Shakespearean favourite performed by Dufflebag Theatre

In their hilarious adaptation of the Shakespearean classic of Romeo and Juliet, audience members are invited into the show to play the main parts! Because these plays are aimed at an older crowd (Grades 4 to 12), the students are quite involved. Since the troup doesn't shy away from rewriting the classics, expect a new ending to Shakespeare tragedies. A sure way to trigger interesting class conversations following the performance!  


The Mouse, the Ant and the Antelopes

Performance by Emerita Emerencia

Chabelita (a cute hand-puppet) is still shivering from a scary encounter with a mouse. Her auntie (emerita) tells her own version of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to calm her. She continues with the story ofThe Ant and the Butterfly, followed by a tale of african antelopes. This performance with audience participation brings forward the message about being humble, and the importance of sharing and respect for what was here before us.