Flames Across The Border


Performance by Mike Ford

The 1812-1814 conflict comes alive in music and words with Mike’s original songs about epic events (the invasion of Little York, Great Lake ship battles), famous characters (Tecumseh, FitzGibbon), and unsung participants (settlers, couriers). Provoking boisterous audience interaction, sampling period marches and ballads, challenging myths, Flames Across the Border is a song-cycle show especially created for the War of 1812 Bicentennial.

Curriculum Focus and Expectations


  • Compare aspect sof the music of one culture and/or historical period with aspects of the music of another culture and/or historical period
  • Create musical compositions in a variety of forms, for specific purposes
  • The performances (and the activities in the study guides) enhance the following Arts expectations from the Ontario Curriculum:
    JR: C1.3, C2.1, C2.3
    INT: C1.2, C1.3, C2.2


  • Canadian history through music
  • Music as a part of life
  • French and English culture in early Canada

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Booking Details

School fee for 1 workshop:
$324.00 + HST
School fee for 2 workshop3:
$468.00 + HST
School fee for 3 workshops:
$624.00 + HST
English – French – Bilingual
Limited year-round
To inquire about the fees for public presenters, please contact us
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More About This Artist


Mike Ford

Mike Ford is a bilingual JUNO-nominated solo artist who has released five acclaimed albums of Canadian history-inspired songs. Known to many for his former life as a rock performer, he has aptly been described by the Globe and Mail as being “rabble-rousing and Pythonesque”. Using thought-provoking original songs, personal anecdotes, humour, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Canadian History, Mike Ford has carved a niche for himself. His fast-paced curriculum-focused concerts, always adapted for audience levels, have succeeded in the challenging task of inspiring young people towards greater interest in Canada’s past and greater involvement in its present and future.