Jou Tou – French Traditional Songs from around the World (La francophonie autour du globe)

Performance by Silk Road Music

Using a great variety of instruments from around the world, Silk Road Music presents French music from a global and cosmopolitan perspective. Some of the songs come from familiar folk traditions of Québec and France, while others will take the audience to such exotic lands as la Camargue or Morocco via the gypsy routes of Southern Europe. Jou Tou delivers a sampling of French culture that has been felt all over the planet, from Vietnam to Madagascar and on to the Americas, where it mixed with existing traditions to create interesting fusions. Audiences will be transported from the cafés of Paris to the Casbahs of Cairo. Here's the excerpt from another show, to showcase André Thibault and Qiu Xia He's unique mix of musical genres.

Curriculum Focus and Expectations


  • Express personal responses to musical performances in a variety of ways
  • Compare aspects of the music of one culture and historical period with aspects of the music of another culture and historical period
  • The performances (and the activities in the study guides) enhance the following Arts expectations from the Ontario Curriculum:
    PRIM: C2.1, C3.1, C3.2
    JR: C2.1, C3.2
    INT: C2.1, C2.2, C3.2


  • Diverse cultures working together
  • The effect of combining different musical styles and traditions

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Booking Details

School Fee:
$600.00 + HST
English – French – Bilingual
May 2017
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Silk Road Music

Musical fusion at its best

For over twenty years, Silk Road Music has been smashing stereotypes about Chinese music and taking Chinese instruments in new artistic directions. Its pioneering musical fusions have merged Chinese folk and classical music with Brazilian, Jazz, Celtic, Spanish, Arabic, Aboriginal and blues music. Founded by Qiu Xia He (a one-time music teacher and touring musician in her native Shaanxi in China), the ensemble was joined by savvy guitarist André Thibault, a Montrealer with Acadian roots who provides much of the Western influence in the current incarnation of Silk Road. The company has earned a JUNO nomination, two West Coast Music Awards and two Canadian Folk Music Awards nominations. Most recently, the group has begun exploring Flamenco music.