Tales of Goddesses and a Painter


Performance by Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Tales of Goddesses and a Painter is the story of how the cave paintings along the Silk Road came to be. This colourful dance performance (with 5 dancers) is followed by an introduction to the history of the Silk Road, its geography and how interactions between the east and the west shaped Chinese culture. Students will also learn some basic movements in a number of ethnic dance styles. During the Tang Dynasty, the emperor receives a divine message stating that if he builds a Buddhist temple with a painting of flying goddesses, his empire would enjoy centuries of peace and prosperity. He commissions the country’s best painter for this job. To get inspiration for his project, the painter travels along the Silk Road, observing many cultures including Han, Xin Jiang and Indian. Incredibly moved by all the colours and sounds of the Silk Road, the painter works in the cave for ten days straight without rest. When he falls unconscious from the exhaustion, the picture comes to life. Buddhist goddesses bring joy and beauty to the land, and revive the painter.

Curriculum Focus and Expectations


  • Compare spects of the music of one culture and/or historical period with aspects of the music of another culture and historical period
  • Create musical compositions in a variety of forms, for specific purposes
  • The performances (and the activities in the study guides) enhance the following Arts expectations from the Ontario Curriculum:
    JR: C1.3, C2.1, C2.3
    INT: C1.2, C1.3, C2.2


  • Canadian history through music
  • Music as a part of life
  • French and English culture in early Canada

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March, 2017
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Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Canada's foremost Chinese-Canadian company

Founded in 1994 and based in Toronto, the Little Pear Garden Dance Company (LPGDC) is Canada’s foremost company of traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. LPGDC develops and promotes Chinese dance in Canada through the production and presentation of performances, lectures, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions on the local and national levels. It aims at creating an environment that supports Chinese-Canadian artists practicing both traditional and contemporary artistic expressions.