The Mouse, the Ant and the Antelopes


Performance by Emerita Emerencia

Chabelita (a cute hand-puppet) is still shivering from a scary encounter with a mouse. Her auntie (emerita) tells her own version of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse to calm her. She continues with the story ofThe Ant and the Butterfly, followed by a tale of african antelopes. This performance with audience participation brings forward the message about being humble, and the importance of sharing and respect for what was here before us.

Curriculum Focus and Expectations

Curriculum Focus
and Expectations


  • Humility, sharing, respect for our past, courage, self-confidence


  • Folktales and fables as life lessons
  • Characteristics of folktales from various cultures

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Booking Details

School fee Per Performance:
$300.00 + HST
Price for 2 shows:
$468.00 + HST
Price for 3 shows:
$624.00 + HST
Feb 2017


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More About This Artist

Emerita Emerencia

Aruban by nature and a Canadian by nurture

Emerita Emerencia is a multilingual artist originally trained as a teacher in Aruba. In 1984, she had a lead role in A Caribbean Midsummer Night’s Dream, which won a Dora award. She’s been a dance instructor at University of Toronto, has worked on school projects as a choreographer with the National Ballet of Canada, and as a librettist with the Canadian Opera Company. Self-described as “an Aruban by nature and a Canadian by nurture”, Emerita works with Fundacion Muchila Creativo and as an artist in education in Aruba, when she’s not touring in Canada with Prologue.