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KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra

Together! A Global Music Experience

Created through the Royal Conservatory of Music as a celebration of Canada’s cultural diversity and pluralism, Kuné showcases music from Latin America, Africa and the African Diaspora, the Middle East, Asia and North America. In their fun and interactive performance, four members of Kuné share their traditional knowledge of the music from these regions. Audiences will learn about where each artist is from, what languages they speak, and see and hear the sounds of the Oud, the Cajon, the Dizi, the Ngoni and many more.

Booking Details
School In-Person Performance Fee: $1,463
Audience Size: 400
School Virtual Performance Fee: $610 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Virtual format: fully live
Grades: K-12
Language: English
Availability: limited year-round
Curriculum Connections
Equity & Inclusion
Cross Curricular Connection
Experiential Learning
About KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra
KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra – was developed from a major initiative by The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to explore and celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity and pluralism. The ensemble seeks to communicate in ways that words, politicians, and spiritual leaders cannot, and help to find a common language through music. The musicians hail from all corners of the globe—from Peru, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ukraine, and beyond—and play instruments as diverse as they are, from the tar of Iran to the bouzouki of Greece to the sitar of Pakistan.