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Inspiring Inclusion: Artists who advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Kung Jaadee author and storyteller

We would like to imagine a province where every young person has access to educational, high-quality performing arts experiences. With this in mind, we have written this resource as a tool that can be used as ‘life line’ to advocate for arts education and ensure that it does not slip entirely from your school curriculum… READ MORE

The theme for International Women’s Day 2024 was ‘Inspire Inclusion’ and to celebrate, Prologue featured the many incredible women that we work with who do just that! The artists featured in this blog advocate for diversity and equity in many ways through their platforms, sharing positive messages, and creating positive impacts upon the younger generation throughout Ontario. READ MORE

Bringing performing arts experiences into your school can help create inclusive spaces for young people to feel more engaged with their school community. When selecting programs, representation matters. Presenting culturally relevant and diverse programs promotes READ MORE

When you choose to support Prologue Performing Arts, you are supporting one of the leading and longest running not-for-profit arts education organizations in Ontario. It all started in 1966 when five young mothers met around a lunch table and shared their dream … READ MORE

Prologue Performing Arts is a not-for-profit arts education organization that presents accessible performing arts experiences in schools and communities all over Ontario. We work with a group of artists and artist companies that offer performances and workshops in … READ MORE