Mike Ford


TROUBADOUR concerts draw from Mike Ford’s extensive and growing repertoire of original songs exploring the wonders of the French Language, Canadian History, Sustainability, and Treaty Responsibility. Combining historical lore, storytelling, humour, personal experience, and a bottomless trove of songs, TROUBADOUR takes you on a voyage through the fur-trade era, a many-angled look at The War of 1812, and a lightning speed tour of 20th Century Canada. Call-and-response songs, stories, study guide resources can open doors of Inquiry to last the whole school year!

Les mots qui chantent / Canada Needs Songs

Mike Ford Song Workshops are designed to launch students into the creation of their own curriculum-focused topical song creations. Guiding student groups through lightning-fast creation stages exploring improv, brain-storming, song structure, rhyme & rhythm and on-the-fly editing, these workshops give students hands-on experience in lyric-based song creation and related themes of Approach, Intent, Genre, and Performance.

Booking Details
School In-Person & Virtual Performance Fee: $488 + HST
Audience Size: 100/500
Virtual format: fully live
Grades: 4- 8 & 9 - 12
Language: English, French, bilingual
Availability: limited year-round
Curriculum Connections
French Education
Social and political change throughout Canadian History
French, English and Indigenous cultures in early Canada
Concepts of Environmental Sustainability and Inclusivity
Cross Curricular Connection
About Mike Ford
Mike Ford is a bilingual JUNO-nominated solo artist who has released five acclaimed albums of Canadian history-inspired songs. His fast-paced curriculum-focused concerts are adapted to meet the specific needs of grade levels. Using thought-provoking lyrics, personal anecdotes, humour and a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of Canadian History, Mike has carved a niche for himself as an artist committed to inspiring young people to have a greater interest in Canada’s past and a stronger