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Puzzle Theatre

Woods / Bois 
In keeping with its artistic approach, Puzzle Théâtre draws inspiration from a whole new medium to create an atypical, colourful puppet show, full of humour and unexpected situations. Pieces of wood come together to form strange creatures… some hostile, some comical, to create a curious world that surprises and amazes, and inspires. A world that also makes you think and wonder.
Booking Details
School In-Person Performance Fee: $1,097 + HST
Audience Size: 150
Grades: K - 6
Language: English, French, or bilingual
Availability: Dates for the 24/25 school year TBA
Curriculum Connections
Character Development
Critical Thinking
Environmental Sustainability
Experiential Learning
About Puzzle Theatre
Founded in 1996 in Bulgaria and established in Montreal in 2004, "Puzzle Théâtre " has a unique style, combining various types of traditional and contemporary theatre; drama theatre, object and puppet theatre. The company distinguishes itself with colourful amalgam of styles and with the great diversity in its means of expression. Puzzle Theatre leaves the audience the freedom to interpret the unmentioned, to freely associate ideas and allow it to feel what is not explicitly told.