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Sitar Fusion

In the Footsteps of the Great Medieval Traveller

In this performance and workshop, participants will experience the music and dance of some of the countries that the great medieval traveller Ibn Battuta visited: Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China. Inspired by this journey, Anwar Khurshid will play a variety of instruments and sing while Geneviève Beaulieu dances. After the performance, audience members will have a chance to interact with the artists and learn more about the music and dance that they have witnessed.

Booking Details
School In-Person Fee: $1,135 + HST
Audience Size: 300
School Virtual Performance Fee: $610 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Virtual format: Pre-recorded film with live Q & A
Grades: K - 12
Language: English, bilingual
Availability: May 27 - 31
Curriculum Connections
Equity & Inclusion
French Education
Early Societies
Social studies
Character Development
Cross Curricular Connections
Specific and shared forms of cultural expression across communities
About Sitar Fusion
Sitar Fusion is made up of two internationally acclaimed artists promoting cultural diversity and understanding through classical Indian music and dance; Anwar Khurshid and Geneviève Beaulieu. Performing with musicians from other genres including Blues, Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and Chinese, Anwar's innovative collaborations create music transcending categorization! Geneviève Beaulieu is an interpretive dancer from Québec. Inspired by Indian classical dance, Geneviève uses dance to tell stories, express poetry and emotions. For the past decade, the two of them have been promoting cultural diversity and has performed in numerous venues and festivals in Canada, the United States and India.