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Liquid Lead

Liquid Lead Dancing seeks to create spaces where individuals of all genders can feel empowered, included, and free to express themselves fully by re-examining the lead/follow relationship dynamics in partner dancing. This presentation reflects on themes of gender identity, consent, toxic masculinity, safety of touch, gender biases, and power relationships. Workshops can be added with activities tailored for different age groups and relevant themes of interest. The team will work with you to create an offering that will best suit your group.

Booking Details
School In-Person Performance Fee: $1,220
Audience Size: 300
School Virtual Performance Fee: $854 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Virtual format: fully live
Grades: 5 - 8 & 9-12
Language: English
Availability: limited year-round
Curriculum Connections
Equity & Inclusion
Gender Identity
Teacher Resources
About Liquid Lead
As professional dancers and educators with a combined 50+ years, the members of Liquid Leading became concerned with the way partner dancing was perpetuating gender and cultural stereotypes rooted in antiquated paradigms. After experimenting with different roles on the dance floor to develop their personal dancing, they took to the TED stage in 2015 to share Liquid Lead Dancing, a reimagined system of partner dancing that removes gender from the equation. The talk has reached over 750,000 sets of eyes and they have conducted 30+ workshops at National and International events including Feminist Festivals, all-women prisons, education summits, and consent events in partnership with Planned Parenthood.