A guide to mapping out arts programming.

Prologue Performing Arts is a not-for-profit arts education organization that presents accessible performing arts experiences in schools and communities all over Ontario. We work with a group of artists and artist companies that offer performances and workshops in music, theatre, dance, storytelling, spoken word poetry, and opera. We also work with some incredible Indigenous artists. Plus, many of the programs are offered in French or bilingual. At Prologue, we believe that all young people deserve to have access to performing arts experiences.

In this blog post, we offer many suggestions to help you map out your arts education programming, such as selecting a program by genre and considering certain themes. We also offer up some opportunities to find funding.

So, with all of these options, how do I go about choosing a program for my school? 

Selecting by genre

On Prologue’s booking page, you will find a number of filters where you can select the genre of program that you are looking for.


Prologue’s amazing musicians and musical groups offer students the opportunity to experience a plethora of musical genres as well as cultures from around the world. Digital accordion virtuoso Michael Bridge (who is new to Prologue this year!) showcases uplifting music from around the globe, expertly blending great composers, jazz standards, and pop hits. Fana Soro will introduce students to the rich music and culture of the Senoufo people of Côte d’Ivoire, in English or French!

Digital accordion player Michael Bridge


As supporters of performing arts and arts education, we don’t have to tell you about the benefits of experiencing live theatre. We all know how incredibly impactful it can be on young lives. M. John Kennedy, who is also new to Prologue this year, shares beloved classic Robert Munsch stories in his hit one-man show Fireside Munsch. Shoestring Opera will introduce young people to the art form with their whimsical adaptation of Mozart’s most famous opera in The Shoestring Magic Flute. There is even a bilingual version of the show available this year!


M. John Kennedy stars in Fireside Munsch - pictured on stage in a goofy stance with a goofy expression

And there is so much more to explore! Check out our digital catalogue as well, which lists the programs by genre. And if you’re still not sure what will work best for your school, our knowledgeable sales team is always here to help.


Selecting by theme/curriculum connection

Indigenous Education

Within their Calls to Action, The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada calls on us to help build students’ capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. We can do this by celebrating the many Indigenous cultures, languages, and ceremonies which have been preserved despite efforts to extinguish them. Bringing an Indigenous artist into your school is an opportunity to learn more about rich and diverse history and traditions.


Derek Martin from Tribal Vision Dance - dancing in a field wearing traditional regalia

Tribal Vision Dance is a family troupe from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. Their high-energy dance performance Visions of Turtle Island offers an introduction to the powwow culture of North America. Professional storyteller, educator and published author Kung Jaadee offers captivating presentations featuring traditional Haida legends, songs and drumming, and vivid personal stories about her history and culture.


French Education

French performances and workshops can help develop an appreciation for French culture and encourage a love of the language. Many of our programs can be booked with varying levels and amounts of French, and we can help you find the perfect bilingual program for your school based on grade levels and stages of learning.


Razzmatazz for Kids has been delighting young audiences for 25 years with their original children’s music and traditional songs in French and English. DuffleBag Theatre brings classic fairy tales to life in their signature fun-filled and humorous bilingual or English shows, using audience members as the stars.



Mental Health

The arts can play a valuable role in improving mental health. It can boost confidence, alleviate stress, promote empathy, and help us feel more connected.


Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of neurodiversity in The ADHD Project, promoting empathy and inclusion for those who live and experience life differently. Other programs are beneficial for mental health in other ways. Kaeja d’Dance has studied the benefits of dance on mental and physical well-being. Their dance workshops for young people promote physical activity, social connection, and equal leadership.


Significant Months 


There are also special months that we know are recognized by most school boards such as African Heritage Month in February and Asian Heritage Month in May. We encourage you to invite artists into your schools to help enhance your celebrations of these important times, such as, Mestre Sérgio Xocolate, Joaquín Núñez, Sitar Fusion, and Little Pear Dance Company.

Sergio Xocolate dressed in traditional bright, multicoloured Brazilian clothing standing in a Capoeira pose with his arms half raised

There are so many curriculum connections that can be made through Prologue’s performances and workshops. If you have a theme in mind and need a suggestion, we’re here to help!

My school has a small or absent arts budget. How can I find funding?

Prologue’s Possibility Program subsidizes performances and workshops in schools that are identified as underserved and addresses issues of equity caused by limited school arts budgets. Also, Prologue has partnered with Daytrippers Children’s Charity in order to support schools that face barriers with funding. This partnership allows schools to apply for additional funding to support their Prologue performance or workshop through an application process. Many school boards offer special funding as well for specific programs that help support the curriculum, such as Indigenous education, French education, and equity and inclusion.

When are the artists available to visit my school? How can I find their availability?

The artists that we work with are available at all different times throughout the school year. Some of them visit schools throughout the year, some have specific weeks allocated. Some of the artists that we work with don’t live in Ontario and will select a week or two to come to Ontario for a school tour. We are here to help with this information, just get in touch with us!